The History behind Fässler Renovationen

For me as the owner/CEO, Fässler Renovationen means a lot to me because of its history. I grew up in the building industry and learned a lot from my father including masonry work and paving. Twenty years ago, after my father passend away, i was supposed to take over his company. He owned a general construction company and carried out projects in the Czech Republic, Slowakia, Russia, Germany, Austria and a lot more. He designed, built and realized projects from detached houses to multi-familiy houses. From 1970 to 2003 he was a very successful business owner with his construction company located in Slowakia. Sadly at that time i was still too young and I was living in switzerland. I didn't have the necessary experience and competence to take over such a big company. I eagerly attained this lacking experience and competence over the past years. As a successful trustee in Belp I already realized variuos projects, guided and helped build up multiple companies. Among them were also several construction companies. Moreover I served customers that were in the construction business as well. Since the order situation wasn't as well because of CoVid19, the Idea of taking over my fathers business came to mind. I now was ready to start my own Construction Company and established Fässler Renovationen last year in November 2020. I'm overjoyed to be able to manage this company. My top priority is to value all employees. We guarantee justified wages, qualitative work, great teamwork with our partners as well as satisfied customers. I made it my task to build a network of great employees, partners and customers. For me Fässler Renovationen signifies a Chance, to fullfill, what i wasn't ready to do twenty years ago.